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my hands are cramped, my back and shoulders are aching, and my fingers are tender and bruised and cut up

but thousands of beads and decorative hand stitches later my Cersei gown is starting to come together

hghhhhhhhhhh i still have to apply the birds and feathers and then line it before sdcc

why did i pick this as my first gown/embroidery/beading project

rip in pieces me

, #texty #big whiny baby jail
Have you thought of adding Thor to your cosplay repertoire?

The new girl version has gone into my stack of possible future costumes :>

oh great god you art is so awesome and I loooooooove it! It motivates me to keep on drawing, your art is extremly inspiring!

Oh thank you anon! :>  Go draw and kick ass!!

Oops, sorry. It's me again (asked about where to find more of your Asuka cosplay). Found more on your fb, so nevermind. Again, gorgeous cosplay! Sorry for the trouble! :D

No worries :)  And yeah my Facebook is where I post all my photos first!